The directional lines between the rooms below are specific as to the direction you move to reach the room.  Good luck.  -ROB RICHARDS
First Lambda is a big, echoy bank with dark carpets, high walls and a musty smell. Lucinda Thumbruise, the bank teller, stands behind the counter. The exit is south. A large grocery store. Aisles and aisles of shelves and cans, boxes, bottles, and packages. Looks like it might be hard to find anything. You see another section of the Store to the west and north. The exit is to the south
It's always sunny on Lambda street, but there's a sort of gloom here anyway. The First Lambda Bank is to the north, and to the south there's some sort of charred, blackened ground, a dry bit of earth that looks as if it had been torched by a departing spa It's always sunny on Lambda street, but there's a sort of gloom here anyway. The First Lambda Bank is to the north, and to the south there's some sort of charred, blackened ground, a dry bit of earth that looks as if it had been torched by a departing spa
A quiet east-west street that runs in front of LambdaHouse. There's a large tree, with a white painted trunk, in the middle of the road. There is a manhole in the south side of the street. There is a rope ladder here which leads up into a cardboard box at
A blackened patch of ground south of Lambda Street where no tree, shrub, or grass-blade can be made to grow. A strange feeling of sickness pervades the entire area. There are stories of strange lights being seen near this field in the early days of Lambda A large grassy field to the west of LambdaHouse occasionally utilized as a landing site for various aircraft. To the south is a similar field surrounded by gypsy caravans, and to the north, the elusive Lambda Street runs by. To the east, a small section o
This facility is under construction (quite clearly) by several different contractors who don't know about each other.  Someone has started to cover the north wall with chamois yellow brick, but someone else has started in with clashing sordid sunflower ye The linen closet is a dark, snug space, with barely enough room for one person in it.  You notice what feel like towels, blankets, sheets, and spare pillows.  One useful thing you've discovered is a metal doorknob set at waist level into what might be a d
The east end of a vast meadow, where a Gypsy band has built its camp. The air is cool and damp and smells of onion grass. An old well is in the center of this part of the field, and colorful Gypsy wagons are scattered in all directions, a sign on a wagon
What a mess!  The garage is full of all manner of discarded equipment; you might find anything in here if ou searched long enough! A circular driveway, in front of LambdaHouse. The LambdaHouse front door is to the south. The drive curves away to the northeast and northwest. You see springboard, Information Center, Foodmart shopping cart, a copy of the MidNite-MOO, and a brand new shi
There are stairs going down to the west here and the corridor continues to the east.  There is an unmarked door to the south.  A door to the north leads to the guest bathroom, and to that door's right is a narrower door that probably goes to a linen close
A light and airy room with a high ceiling and an ornate crystal chandelier.  The walls are decorated with a delicate floral print wallpaper, and a Persian rug with a deep blue ground covers the floor.  There is a couch along the west wall, a wing-backed c A dark and spacious room which retains a kind of warmth, despite its crepuscular aspect. The ceiling is high, and a brass gasolier lights the room with an orange, flickering light. Heavy paneling, made of burled maple, lines the walls, and a burgundy, Bil A small half-bathroom with a toilet and a sink.  The west wall, above the sink, curves through ninety degrees to blend smoothly into the north wall. ????
This small room is where the housekeeper lives. The housekeeper is out tidying the house right now, putting sleeping players and other misplaced objects away. There is a bed in the corner, and a door to the east. On the whole, this place is very clean.  T This is a somewhat dark and utilitarian room in which the residents do their laundry.  There is an open doorway to the south, though which you can see a free-standing fireplace, and a closed door to the north.  A neatly painted doorway opens to the west. This room is dominated by a large pearwood table and six matching chairs.  On the north wall is a large bookcase, flanked on each side by French doors leading northwest to the drawing room and northeast to the smoking room.  The kitchen is visible through This small foyer is the hub of the currently-occupied portion of the house.  To the north are the double doors forming the main entrance to the house.  There is a mirror at about head height on the east wall, just to the right of a corridor leading off in The corridor goes east and west.There is a door to the north leading to the powder room.A door to the south leads to the stairwell.
The corridor from the west ends here with short flights of stairs going up and down to the east.  South leads to one of the master bedrooms.
You are in what used to be the second master bedroom suite of the LambdaMOO Mansion. The room has be converted into a game room that has as its main feature a pool table. There are stairs coming down in the northwest corner of the room, with a sliding gla
The closet is a dark, cramped space.  It appears to be very crowded
It is comfortably crowded here with plush couches and easy chairs, several large bookcases and a free-standing round fireplace.  To the east is the kitchen.  There is a doorway leading to the north and a sliding glass door to the south, through which you The kitchen is of a modern design, very large and well-lit, yet still homey and comfortable.  The walls are covered in beautiful natural-wood cabinets and the stove is set into a large 'island' counter in the center of the room.  Over the sink, along the
It is very bright, open, and airy here, with large plate-glass windows looking southward over the pool to the gardens beyond.  On the north wall, there is a rough stonework fireplace.  The east and west walls are almost completely covered with large, well
This is a large walk-in closet, with plenty of space for hanging clothes, plus it sports built-in shoe racks below the rods.  A large metal panel on the wall is closed and locked.You see Combination Lock, mounted on the panel here.
This is a modern, concrete stairwell with metal railings, built to the exacting specifications of the State Fire Code.  An elevator is to the east. There are also fireproof steel doors to the north and south. The door to the south is marked in bold, red l
This large dressing area has a long counter on the west wall, with drawers below and two sinks inset.  A large mirror covers the rest of the wall, lit by several very bright incandescent lights.  The north wall once held two doors to walk-in closets (nort This is the main master bedroom, overlooking the pool to the south through a sliding glass door.  There are louvered doors leading west, and a north exit to the corridor. You see Dresser here. <<<  beep  >>>
The grounds are slightly better kept to the east.  A few trees stand beyond the low, split-rail fence which runs along the western border of the property.. The yard has ankle-high grass that turns to weeds next to the rosebushes to the east, and extends southward a ways toward what appears to be an old gazebo.  Off to the west, the yard becomes even less well tended.  To the north is a crooked sliding glass This patio is ringed with rosebeds.  To the southeast you can see the swimming pool, north is a sliding glass door to the kitchen, and a path leads west through the roses.  A magnificent oak tree to the south towers over the patio.  The roses drink up the
This small bathroom is conveniently located for pool, tub, and garden users; the south door leads to the deck.  A wooden sliding door leads north. You see First Aid Kit here.
The rear of the garden tapers into the tree line.  Near a large forked willow, an open tent shelters a table with various things used here by the caterers.  An area in front of the tent has tables and chairs for the guests.  A lawn table with a few chairs You are surrounded by a well-manicured lawn, made lush and green by years of careful husbandry. The decent piece of turf might, in ten years or so, become a superior piece of turf. In the center of this small park is a Victorian Gazebo, which invites you You are standing at the foot of a majestic oak tree, clearly many decades old.  Broad branches make for easy climbing.  To the north you can return to the patio.  A path leads southwest to a woods with more trees, and a manicured lawn is to the west.  You
This heavy undergrowth behind the oak tree turns out to be primarily comprised of poison oak!  And the horticulturists among you may detect some poison ivy thriving here, despite the fact that the climate isn't right for it.  Th Maz This is a wooden deck behind the main house, facing southward across the pool to the lush gardens beyond.  To the west is the door into the living room and to the north is a sliding glass door into the master bedroom, with a door to a half bath in the wes This is the higher portion of the deck, built up around the hot tub. You may enter the tub from here.  There is a rumble of machinery beneath you.   The sun bakes the wooden boards of the deck, warming the area.  The hot tub is uncovered.
You are in a large open field of tall grass.  An old stone wall keeps a quiet and centuries-old guard around three sides, and there are old-growth trees to the east and south.  There is a good-sized pond in the southeast corner, which provides a habitat t You are in a forest of old-growth trees. To the west is a stone wall and beyond it a field.  The path to the northeast leads back towards the house, the one to the southeast leads further into the woods. There is a dense thicket to the east.  A large oak
You are on the cement decking surrounding the swimming pool.  From here you may access the diving board, or jump on into the pool.  The house is to the north and northwest.  There are matching little gates to the southeast and southwest; the southeast gat
Broad tree limbs overhang this fenced area, which is full of filtering and circulating equipment for the swimming pool.  There are shelves for pool toys here, and a trapdoor leads down.  A little gate leads northeast to the pool deck.  The sun filters thr You are standing on a pathway inside of a hedge maze. The path continues to the southeast. You see a gate leading out of the maze to the northwest. You see Vellum Scroll here.
You are at the edge of a large pond in a dense forest. An old bench sits by the shore, near a majestic old weeping willow a few feet to its east. The willow leans over the pond to caress the water with its long strands, partially hiding the lush bed of so
You find yourself on a cool, shaded, stone pathway, over-arched by a wooden grape arbor covered with vines.  At the northern end, stone steps lead up to the pool deck.  To the south is a gate that leads to the formal gardens.

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